ELK Motor electric motors

Low purchase price

In most cases, the cost of ELK’s high-performance IE3 motors is lower than the cost of other European producers’ inefficient motors.

380 V/60 Hz

Motors with an increased 380 V output are also available.

71 – 250

They’re available up to frame sizes of 250 and up to 180 with variable terminal locations, allowing connection to various industrial applications.

24 / 7 / 365

Electric motors are designed for all year round industrial use.

Low operating costs

The motors are only manufactured in the high-efficiency IE2 and IE3 classes, so you can save considerable amounts on your production costs.

Quality and reliability

Thanks to their unique compact design and long-term know-how of their sister company, ELK Motors are of high quality, reliable and can equal to European competition. Product quality certified by the International VDE Quality Certificate.

Product specifications

The basic and most used electric motor design can be found below. Thanks to the high levels of stock and the possibility of customising the motor directly in the Czech Republic, it’s possible to configure other necessary properties according to your needs.

• 3-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motors for general use in a safe environment (no risk of igniting flammable vapours, gases and dust) • in IP55 coverage • with IC411 self-cooling • for S1 permanent load

• for ambient temperatures from -20 to +40 °C • for altitudes up to 1000 metres above sea level • with F/B insulation • according to IEC standards (EN60034)

Basic version for standard European voltage 3AC400 V (3AC230/400 V D/Y 50 Hz to 3 kW, 3AC400/690 V D/Y 50 Hz above 3 kW power).

Testing and controls


inserting coils into stator cores

• over-voltage test • resistance measurement test • insulation resistance test


voltage and noise tests

• low voltage test • no load test at rated voltage • noise test


test room or external laboratory

All mass production motors are tested in the test room and in other certified laboratories.

Other configuration options

Every industrial production is unique, so electric motors and other components used in it must be unique too. In addition to power, speed, shaft load, the environment’s temperature and humidity must also be taken into account as well as the number of shifts that the motor will be running.

a wide range of customisation options

• modifications of bearing nodes • modifications for other voltage and frequency levels • increased insulation system H for high ambient temperatures • design for difficult ambient conditions (temperature, altitude, corrosion, etc.) • enhanced IP IP56, IP65, and IP66 protection degree

additional adjustments

• electromagnetic brakes installation • IC416 independent cooling units installation • rotary sensors installation


• choice of colour and special coatings • non-standard shafts available • the possibility of developing special designs and designs tailored to customer requirements (for larger and repeated purchases) • low spare parts prices

Aren’t you sure? Try the electric motor configurator on ELK Motor website. Are you totally lost? We’ll be happy to help you configure the right electric motor.