About ELK Motor

Are you wondering why you should choose the Turkish company ELK Motor, an unknown on the Czech market? We’ll try to outline the main competitive advantages.


In 1958, the sister company Yilmaz Redüktör was founded which specialises in manufacturing gearboxes. Yilmaz Redüktör is a company with a tradition of more than 60 years and has a major share on the Turkish gearbox market for industrial applications.


In 2013, ELK Motor was established as a sister company of Yilmaz Redüktör. All this in order to expand product lines and specialise solely in electric motors.

The key is performance and durability

The main objective is not to “optimise” the products to the limits of physical laws, but to design robust products that meet all key requirements on performance parameters and mechanical resistance easily.

Big stock supplies

Large supplies of purchased material (dynamo metal sheets, winding wires, etc.) also allow for long-term outages on the suppliers part. Minimising stock supplies, which is the trend elsewhere, jeopardises the reliability of supplies and reduces the ability to give a flexible response to customer requirements, this is not the case here.

Highly efficient IE2 and IE3 motors

ELK Motor only focuses on the production of high-efficiency electric motors that are fully compliant with European guidelines.

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Absolute processing precision

Thanks to modern technological processes ELK Motor guarantees absolute precision and quality of its products. The entire factory’s existing machinery will even succeed in comparison with global market leaders. Other spaces with capacity and technological capabilities beyond current standards are now under construction.

Production in one place

All electric motor production, from initial design to final testing, is done in one place in a 40,000 m2 factory in Turkey. The production plant is at an advanced stage of automation and digitisation and is moving towards full implementation of 4.0 industry standards.

High standards for products and employees

ELK Motor complies with high production standards as well as building absolute respect for the environment, employees and all European standards requirements.

How to get to electric motors?

The exclusive electric motors distributor in the CZE, SVK, POL and FIN is D2Drives company.

D2Drives is a Czech company with a 25-year tradition

D2Drives s.r.o. distributes electric motors in CZE, SVK, PL and FI either directly or through its local partners.

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Fast motor modifications directly in the Czech Republic

Extremely fast motor modifications and body assemblies are possible thanks to customising products directly in D2Drives workshops.

Hundreds of motors in stock

The central warehouse with extensive emergency stock is located in D2Drives in Mohelnice.